This e-module is on Lathe Operation.  

At the ned of the Module the learner will be able to -

·        enahnce knowledge on Operation of lathe machine

·        Application of safety rules while using the lathe machine

·        Identification of different parts of the lathe machine

.        Classification of  lathe machines into different types

The module has  pre and post-tests built in to have a more focused learning.

Common Irregularities while following procedures established in PCP'2014.

We have displayed some common irregularities in the following:

1) Raising & Scrutiny of Indents.

2) Issue of Enquiry.

3) Receipt of Offers & opening of offers.

4) other irregularities

This will enable the executives and non-executives of Purchase department and contract cell to learn and work on SRM7 platform for creating RFx/RFQ.

Step wise step will guide the users so as to what they need to do and what they should avoid while creating RFx. This covers creating all kind of RFx(LTE,OTE,STE,Proprietary RFx etc).

Few check points are also clearly mentioned so as if the user is stuck at any given screen of SRM7 or stage the commonly faced problems can be rectified by them instantly

This module deals with  working of the latest calcination plant (Refractory Material Plant-3) at Bhilai Steel Plant and briefly touches it's various sections function. However the process of calcination is same in every plant, so it is helpful for every one irrespective of which plant they are working in. This module has been created as lucid as possible so that a new entrant in the organization will find it very easy to understand processes associated with a calcination plant.


The aim of e-module is to enable the learner to get an overview of despatch of materials from plant, understanding of what is demand in context of despatch and how demand is placed electronically in Indian Railways online (FOIS) system.


Commercial staff and Front Line Managers


•At the end of program, the participant will be able to have an understanding of:

•Overview of despatch from plant

•Different types of products

•Different types of railway wagons

•Flow of activities in despatch circuit

•What is e-Demand

•Putting up e-Demand



Approximately 20 min.