Testing our knowledge is fun. 

Self-assessment is a very good way of not only finding how much you know but also what you need to learn to further develop yourself.

You can test yourself on a wide variety of capabilities, both technical and managerial and find out what you need to learn to further refine your knowledge.

In the course of time, regular assessments will become a  part of the formal process for growth in the organization. Prepare yourself for this brave new world by trying out at your own pace and time, and also get referred to relevant material on e-abhigyan.

However, you will have to log in and enrol yourself because quizzes cannot be given anonymously.

The enrolment button would be on the left side of your screen in the bottom under the administration tab.

you can try a quiz as many times as you want, and the best score will be retained by the system.

Quiz Neon Sign

This Quiz Demonstrate the types of Question one may use in moodle

Microsoft Excel Basic Course

A Fortnightly Quiz in the area of Business, Management, Technology and New Innovations

This self assessment helps you to assess your knowledge on topics that are most relevant for managers in P&A. (also known more popularly in industry as HR)

This battery of tests is for you to assess how good your knowledge and intuitive understanding about the different domains in HR is.

The answers to the quizzes also guide you to relevant resources for learning more on the subject.

there are different quizzes on different areas of HR.

Test your knowledge on various management subjects like  HR, Finance, Operations, Strategy, People management, professional development etc.

This set of quizzes is based on the quizzes conducted and the question bank shared by CMO collective.

It is a good way of testing your awareness of the different products of SAIL and their applications.

Quiz on the Metal World

this is your forum to share resources and bounce ideas. 

Get connected and get going

Different Quizzes related to Safety