This campus has technical modules developed by CET.

This course provides an overview of the cost estimation process for preparing estimates of  projects. The course is a reference for all engineers involved in preparing estimates for Projects.

It has been developed based on a course conducted by Mr. M k Mishra and  Mr. Garish Kumar from CET (Centre for Engineering and Technology)  for engineers from different sections of CET, but will act as a very useful guideline for engineers involved in projects,

This course is a interactive  reference for all designers and serious engineers being developed by Centre for Engineering and Technology (CET).

The course contains reference manuals developed by different sections of CET which provide a very good and comprehensive starting point for getting a working knowledge of the different technologies along with some interactive elements like forums for sharing your veiws and feedback.

Interactive quizzes based on the manual contents shall also be added in due course

To enable the learner (CET indenters) to prepare the work flow for various scenarios for purchase / contract cases, while raising indents.