This virtual campus has courses offered by DSP. 

The Virtual campus is managed by Centre for HRD, DSP. Pls contact at abhijitdsp@sail.in for adding value to this initiative.

How to write an E- NOTESHEET in SAP

The Module contains presentation , Reading material, Quiz & Certificate:


▪ Online Notesheet Approval system in SAP to avoid physical file movement.

▪ Storage of Notesheet and related documents safely in SAP server for future reference.

▪ Fast and effective Paperless Approval system.

▪ Better visibility of Notesheet to every employee and well-equipped tracking.

The tutor of this programme is Sri Rana Saha, DGM(C&IT),  rana.saha@sail.in

Computer & Information Technology: Durgapur Steel Plant

Fundamentals of Fitting, E-Module has been compiled by Dr. Abhijit Roy (PhD in Design Engineering) of Durgapur Steel Plant, Heavy Maintenance Deptt. His e-mail address is abhijit.roy@sail.in


At the end of the programme the participant will be able to:

  • Know the Safety Precautions in Workshop
  • Learn Basic Fitting, Tools & Tackles used in Fitting Shop
  • Understand Measuring Instruments used by Fitters
  • Learn the Concept of Limits, Fits & Tolerances and its Application


This programme is suitable for all levels of participants from Design, Production, Manufacturing as well as Quality control in any Industry.

 DSP, CHRD has created COVID safety Guidelines, Animation in three languages English, Hindi & Bengali. These short videos can be used in programmes for reminding participants about COVID Safety.

CF PumpCentrifugal Pumps are used in large numbers in our steel plant for different type of process control stages. This course will enable the user to achieve a working knowledge on the subject of Centrifugal Pump Mainatenance.

This course will be useful for both Engineers as well as Technicians.

Oxygen Plant, DSP is a department which uses large nos. of CF Pumps which also work at -200 degree centigrade. The experience of employees of Oxygen Plant is the main source in making of this technical module.

Sri Srimonto Konar, Sr. Technician, Oxygen Plant, DSP - National Rashtriya Puraskar Awardee in several schemes and

Sri C B Upadhyay, Sr. Mgr, Oxygen Plant, DSP were instrumental in disseminating this classroom course which has been modified as E-version.

Forging Hammer

This quiz is a mega quiz which can be used as an exhaustive quiz on hydraulics. Questions  from this quiz can be used to make many smaller quizzes, on specific subjects related to hydraulics.

Tunnel cutterAmong the top technologies of Industry which has paved the way for Mass Production and Automation Hydraulics is listed in the top rungs. Those who are working in the SAIL Plant often wonders about the growth and history of this technology. This documentary will enable the viewer to understand how Hydraulics have grown from Pascals Law to its application in Automation in the current times

  • Objectives: At the end of the course, the participants will be able to demonstrate the understanding
– Importance of lubrication and its application in Steel Plant & concept
– Safety
– Lubricant type and properties
– Types of Lubrication
  • Level: All plant employees & front-line executives particularly those who are involved in day to day maintenance activities. 

To understand heating regulation of coke oven battery operation.



At the end of the program the participant will be able to know-

Heating regulation in Coke oven department
Brief introduction to coke oven battery
Battery-oven dimensions
Relationship between Temperature and coking time
Comparison of Batteries in design w.r.t. heating parameters
Principle of Heating regime.
Circuits of Fuel gas(es) and air
Normal operating range of heating parameters
Different jobs to be done.

Aim: This module will help the participant in understanding the complete cooling system requirements in blast furnaces and its functioning.


Objective : At the end of the learning program, the participant will be able to -

  • attain knowledge regarding various parts of blast furnace proper and the cooling systems required.
  • understand the various components of the cooling system with layout.
  • know about the different types of coolers used in furnace proper and their sequence.
  • understand the monitoring of the entire cooling system and detection of burnt coolers.

The aim of the programme is to enable the learner  to get acquainted with the different sections of Basic Oxygen Furnace, Steel Melting Shop (SMS)