This category of programs will address the issue of managerial competency development of SAIL employees, and include  MTI programs focused on developing managerial competence

AMP is a flagship program for MTI SAIL designed for newly promoted General Managers to provide perspectives for managing their role as leaders of the company more effectively, in terms of business leadership, people leadership and relationships leadership.

The aim of the programme is to enhance business acumen of participants for enabling them to take managerial decisions effectively for value creation at their work place.

At the end of the programme the participants will be able to:

  •  Understand the fundamentals of business and the imperative of developing business acumen for enhancing competitiveness across the value chain.
  • Interpret and  analyze information in the financial statements and draw inferences for decision making
  • Interpret cost information for prioritizing and minimizing usage of resources  for  creating value across the value chain
  •  Understand the purchase and contract procedure guidelines and the common irregularities in contracts
  • Take effective decisions based on the commercial framework of the company

This program aims at developing the commercial acumen of participants by providing inputs on various aspects of commercial acumen.

The programme aims at developing the knowledge and skills of the participants to appreciate the financial perspective of business and take better managerial decisions at their work place. 

Participants will get inputs on finance, costs, budgeting, and related  business skills

This course is a comprehensive resource for people who want to use coaching and mentoring as a developmental process, either as coaching, mentors or as managers of the process.

The course provides links to resources on coaching and mentoring as a means of personal and team development.

This program is designed for developing execution excellence capabilities of managers and deals with  various dimensions of execution excellence including

  • Planning and organizing tasks for achievement of goals
  • Overcoming unforeseen obstacles to goal achievement
  • Promoting continual improvement in processes  and incorporates  good practices in work
  • Promoting safe and healthy working environment

The contents of the program include performance improvement tools like TPM, Six Sigma, 5S as well as case studies on execution excellence.