The programme aims to provide the necessary knowledge and skills to the participants to enable them to develop their communication & interpersonal skills for enhancing their personal effectiveness.

EME is a mandatory course to be completed by AGMs (E5)  for being considered eligible for the next promotion.

This program is a foundation course on the SAIL Managerial Competency Framework. It  provides initial inputs on all the key managerial competencies in the framework - personal effectiveness, people management, execution excellence, change management, customer orientation,managing external stakeholders, strategic orientation and  business acumen. It also covers the integration of all these competencies.

This program is now a preparatory program for all DGMs for preparing them to take on the role of HoDs.

The aim of this course is to  enable the  participants to imbibe the principles and practices of preventive vigilance in their working and develop a culture of preventive vigilance in the organization.

different aspects of preventive vigilance and ethical working shall be explored in this module

This module provides insights on how to handle a crisis from a stakeholder management perspective.

The programme addresses the competency of execution excellence. This programme enables participants to achieve excellence in execution for effectively implementing organizational initiatives.

This course provides an overview of different dimensions of personality that influence your unique brand of effectiveness. this is the integrating and foundational module on Personal Effectiveness Competency.