The aim of this course is to  enable the  participants to imbibe the principles and practices of preventive vigilance in their working and develop a culture of preventive vigilance in the organization.

different aspects of preventive vigilance and ethical working shall be explored in this module

This course provides an overview of different dimensions of personality that influence your unique brand of effectiveness. this is the integrating and foundational module on Personal Effectiveness Competency.

Programme aims to enhance the emotional intelligence (EI/EQ) of the participants so that they can have better self awareness and self management skills for higher performance at the workplace.

The programme aims to impart necessary knowledge & skills to the participants to enable them in managing their time effectively for achieving higher performance & productivity

This e-learning module has been developed with an aim to provide you some quick and simple, but powerful, insights on creating synergy in communication and establishing healthy relationship for a meaningful collaborative work.

•This e-course will enable the learner :
–to understand the mechanism for reinforcing fairness
–to understand the correlation between Eliminating Biases, Enhancing Fairness & Establishing Workplace Harmony
–to understand the types of biases and their safeguards
–to understand the application of tenets of Natural Justice & Procedural Fairness for administrative decisions
–to understand the application of the concept Natural Justice & Procedural Fairness in important organisational Decision Making processess such as - Performance Appraisal & Assessment, Vendor Management & Purchase Decisions etc 
The module will help the participants to interpret the various financial statements and understand their business implication

The module aims at enabling the participants to evaluate the performance of their company through financial analysis

The  module aims at enabling the participants to interpret and apply concepts of costing for effective managerial  decision making